Sous-Vide a Unique Cooking Process

The term sous-vide, literally means 'under vacuum', and  refers to a special style of cooking pioneered in France during the 1970's and has since become fashionable with celebrity chefs and culinary experts alike. This cooking technique was pioneered for the UK foodservice market by the founders of Oliver James Foods over 20 years ago. It is a favoured method of cooking for several reasons: a longer, slower, vacuum sealed cook gives fantastically tender meat and the retention of natural juices throughout the cooking process provides a highly flavoured sauce. In addition it is considered to be a highly reliable and technically safe method of food production.

DSC_2686King Prawn KeralaDSC_2686King Prawn KeralaDSC_2686King Prawn Kerala
DSC_2554Beef Bourguignon