Proper Pies
Following the success of the Oliver James Foods sous-vide operation the owners identified a gap in the foodservice market for high quality pies. They recognised that if a product incorporating a sous-vide slow cooked filling that offered all the advantages of flavour, succulence, texture and sauce quality could be matched with handmade pastry they would have a winning combination. As a result of this innovative thought process Proper Pies came into being in 2006, initially at the Oliver James factory in Redditch before moving to a purpose built factory at Southam in Warwickshire in 2007.

Since those early days of development and manufacture product and process innovation has continued at a rapid pace with a baked product range that now includes quiches, tarts, wellingtons, pasta bakes as well as a variety of award winning high quality innovative pies. The company has been extremely successful because it has adhered to its original ethos of combining sous-vide fillings and sauces with their own pastry recipes.

Proper Pies are proud to supply some of the most innovative and high quality pastry and baked products across all sectors of foodservice market.

DSC_2670Multi portion Steak and Ale pieDSC_2670Multi portion Steak and Ale pieDSC_2670Multi portion Steak and Ale pie
DSC_2629Luxurysteak & Ale pie