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An amazing range of high quality meals created from specially sourced ingredients which are prepared and cooked to perfection. The method of vacuum sealing & temperature controlled slow cooking allows intense flavours to develop & be retained giving truly flavoursome dishes, with a homemade feel. The range satisfies different menu sectors & includes beef, lamb, chicken, pork, ham, seafood & vegetarian options.
Beef Rib with Chianti, Red Onion & Rosemary Sauce

Full of flavour, these beef ribs are meltingly soft and tender. Served with a rich rosemary and onion gravy, they are truly delicious!

Pack Size 25 x 263g Beef Rib 25 x 90g Sauce

Pallet Quantity 56

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DSC_2726Beef rib with rosemary & Onion gravy
DSC_2554Beef Bourguignon